Aqua Tech Waterjet and Laser - About Us

Aqua Tech WaterJet and Laser was created in May of 2006 when Joel Harding, the son of SS Metal Fabricators owner Kim Harding, convinced his dad that it would be convenient for SS Metal Fabricators to have a waterjet machine on the premises. SS Metal Fabricators was already taking advantage of the revolutionary technology by using another waterjet company to cut their components. It made economical sense to buy one. Entrepreneurial minded Joel initiated the new company and named it Aqua Tech WaterJet. Using both his computer drawing skills and metal fabrication expertise, he helped customers come full circle from bar napkin sketches to one-of-a-kind works of art and engineered drawings to mass production of components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterjet Capabilities

What are the benefits to cutting my product with waterjet?

The wide range of materials and thicknesses it can cut, smooth edges, absence of a heat affected zone and elimination of the need for expensive set up procedures make waterjet cutting an ideal option for all cutting needs. Waterjet technology is environmentally friendly.


Which materials can be cut with a waterjet machine?

Metals, ceramics, composites, plastic, glass, marble and granite can all be cut by the OMAX Waterjet.


Are there any drawbacks to cutting with a waterjet?

Waterjets can only cut flat materials including extrusion material such as diamond plate. However, keep in mind that metal can always be bent or welded after cutting.


What is the minimum and maximum material size Aqua Tech’s waterjet machine can cut?

The maximum thickness is 6 inches, and the maximum width x length is 6.6’ x 13.1’. There is no minimum size.


Waterjet Pricing

Does Aqua Tech have a minimum charge?

Minimum orders are $125. We are always willing to work with our frequent and valued customers.


How does pricing work at Aqua Tech?

We charge for design time, material cost, and waterjet time as applicable. Please contact us for specific pricing on your project.


Waterjet Design

What drawing file types does Aqua Tech accept?

We accept all mainstream file types such as Adobe Illustrator AI, Autocad DWG & DFX, and Corel Draw CDR. Please inquire if you have a different file format, we may be able to accept it.


What’s the least a customer can bring in to Aqua Tech to start a project?

A bar napkin drawing!


Aqua Tech WaterJet Stocked Materials

What materials for cutting does Aqua Tech stock?

We stock the most commonly requested sizes of stainless steel, steel and aluminum. Specialty materials can be ordered per project and are usually received same or next day.


Waterjet Turn-around Time

What’s Aqua Tech’s average turn-around time?

Projects typically require 2 - 3 days.
We are open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm with nightshifts and weekend hours available as needed.